Mom!  Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck with how to support your child?

Learn the Simple Dietary & Lifestyle Choices that Can Help
In this life changing book by Mike & Amanda Hinman, founders of the Hinman Holistic Health Institute, you'll discover:
1) Why your child's health and happiness strongly depends on HOW they Eat, Live and Learn.

​2) The 3 most common frustrations parents experience with their child (picky eating, hyper-sensitivity, difficulty concentrating) and how to reverse it once and for all.

3) How to join a supportive community for families experiencing significant health challenges.  Then celebrate the transformations that begin to take place with your child.

ADDED BONUS #1: Vibrant Child Resource Guide - making it easy to find everything you are looking for.

ADDED BONUS #2: Family Health Vision - creating the life you love.

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Vibrant Child: 7 Steps to Increase Your Child's Health & Happiness, is featured in Aspire Magazine’s January Top 10 Inspiring Books list which highlights visionary female authors with an empowering message to share. Ten inspiring books written by women & for women. Each dedicated to inspiring, empowering & supporting you along your journey. Check out this month’s Top 10 Inspiring Books
Here's what others have to say about
Vibrant Child
Jennifer Chan, MD
Midwest Center for Women's Healthcare
"I think it's great you wrote this book for parents that are looking for education on how to help their children live a happier more vibrant life.  It is an easy read, like listening in on an interesting conversation."
Allen Vaysberg
Life Recalibration Expert and author of The New Love Triangle - Your practical guide to a love-filled life!
"Vibrant Child is a lot more than a book.  It is a mission of two parents who, having gone through their own year of hell, came out inspired to help other families.  I highly recommend this book for its heart just as much as its content."
Courtney Digate
"I am insanely impressed that this book is filled with such high quality and helpful content.  I will not only be reading it again and again to try to work through these steps in our lives, but I will recommend this as a resource to every family I know.  I think it is phenomenal."
Jessica Shada
"A must read for ALL parents.  Mike and Amanda dedicate their lives and business to helping parents support their children through difficulties, illness, and symptoms.  I truly believe their message, and Vibrant Child should be on every parent's nightstand.  This book talks about the root causes for the toughest challenges facing parents today like ADHD, diabetes, and auto-immune conditions.  By the end you will not only understand what problems are occurring but why.  Taking it a step further the Hinman Holistic Health Institute and their various programs show you how to support any family through every challenge.  Revolutionizing parenting to focus on a whole health, whole family, and whole life model that we all so deeply desire.
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